Harris Farms

Harris Farms

Harris Farms

Harris Farms

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History of Harris Farms

In 1973 the Harris family purchased the farm, which originally was used for growing cotton, mint, sudan grass and sugar beet seeds.  At that time, Pahrump had the only cotton gin in Nevada. 

In the beginning, cotton was king and Pahrump only had a population of approximately 250 people. Our family had to find equipment, tractors and help to sustain the land. Over the next 46 years, we worked to transform Harris Farms into a staple in Pahrump and a dedicated partner in the farming community. 

Today Harris Farms has become one of the most high-quality hemp operations in Southern Nevada.  

The farm is run by a close team of foremen, greenhouse supervisors and plant specialists. Our team is dedicated to producing credible and quality products for our customers and community. 

Our farm is committed to the health of the environment by regenerating depleted soil and reducing our carbon footprint.

 We believe in giving back to our community that has supported us on this journey, and look forward to continuing to provide our best work, both in product and service, to our customers. 

Our Farm

4990 N. Blagg Rd 

Pahrump, NV. 89060

Mon - Fri, 7am - 4pm
Saturday, 11am - 4pm
Sunday, 11am - 4pm