CBD and Dogs

CBD and Dogs

Pet wellness is an up and coming market in the CBD industry. 

We are starting to see more and more dog treats and tinctures on the shelves at local pet food stores, but that brings up some questions. 

Can CBD actually help my dog? And if so how much should I be giving to him/her? 

Dogs (just like humans) have endocannabinoid receptors located in the central and peripheral nervous system. These receptors can react to cannabinoids that can come from cannabis plants. These cannabinoids can be in forms such as CBD, CBG, CBN, THC etc.

 The reactions to the different cannabinoids are currently being studied, but theoretically, dogs have similar receptors to humans so the effects should be similar. 

So what are some things that CBD might be able to treat in your dog? 

CBD is known to help with seizures, inflammation, anxiety and just overall pain. However, with limited information available it is best to be cautious about dosing and reactions to other medications your dog might be taking.  If your dog is taking medications consult with a Veterinarian prior to giving CBD to your dog. 

Leading to the next big question, what is the right dose and method to give your dog CBD oil? 

Starting in small doses and gradually increasing based on how your dog responds is considered best practice. 

The average recommended dose for adult humans is approximately 10-15 mg of CBD. The average adult dog is a lot smaller than the average human so you must take that into account before giving any CBD to your dog. It is recommended to start out with a dose of around 5 mg (2-3 mg if your dog is under 20 pounds).

 The most common method to administer CBD is adding drops from a tincture to your dogs food or a treat. 

Here are a couple tips if you decide to use a tincture:

  1. Know your potency of CBD in the bottle (How much CBD per drop).
  2. Know what carrier (brand of oil) is mixed with the CBD. Double check all the ingredients are safe for dogs. 
  3. If the tincture is a Full Spectrum CBD, which tends to be stronger and have a higher THC content, check for any COA’s (Certificate of Analysis) from the seller to make sure your THC level is below 0.3%. 

Another method is administering sublingually (absorbing through the membranes inside the mouth). 

Administering CBD sublingually is known in humans to take less time to take effect than ingesting it. It is also known in humans to have a higher bioavailability (availability of drug to general circulation) percentage.  

The recommended way to do this is with CBD Isolate. Harris Farms offers Isolate and a small dose spoon that makes this method very easy.

Here are the recommended steps to sublingually administer CBD for your dog. 

  1. Get the proper dosage by using your Harris Farms small dose spoon. 
  2. Make sure your dog is comfortable and have a good hold of him or her. 
  3. Get a treat ready if possible (especially if they are being good!). 
  4. Gently lift up the dog’s lip and place the tip of the spoon in between the gums and outside of the teeth.
  5. Twist the spoon a few times or until the Isolate is gone. 
  6. Give your dog the treat! 

Now that you have given your dog a dose of CBD, watch for any potential side effects. Everyone reacts differently to CBD, humans and dogs. 

So what do we know about dogs and CBD? 

We know that there are currently more questions than answers. We also know that with careful dosing and close monitoring we should be able to safely give our pups CBD. Hopefully making “man’s best friend” happier and healthier in the future! 

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